Best Vintage Football Ads and Retro Sports Advertisements

Best Vintage Football Ads and Retro Sports Advertisements

Celebrating Vintage Ads and Cool Retro TV Advertisements on a Super Palindrome Sunday

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What is the cost of a 30 second television commercial today? Read on to find out. Today marks the 54th time this big football game has been played. While many football fans will be watching the big game live in Miami, Florida, others will be watching the gridiron sporting event on television and will derive equal joy and entertainment dissecting the big football game's ads. This day is interesting not only for football fans. Marketers, advertisers, and creatives love the biggest of all sporting events for reasons other than the football game itself. They are looking at the ads. What will be the best ad from the game today? Will it be a funny ad or a dramatic ad that evokes a strong emotional response? Coolstub loves great ads and is looking forward to watching ads from the game. How much do 30 second ads during the game cost? $5.4 million for a 30 second spot is the estimated ad cost for the game today. Coolstub, a vintage sports brand, decided to go through their massive vintage advertisement collection to pick 4 of the great retro ads for your viewing pleasure on this Super Palindrome Sunday.


Everyone will be talking about the best ads from the Big Game on 02/02/2020, which happens to be a rare Palindrome Day. A palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or date that reads the same backwards or forward. While Coolstub doesn't have any vintage ads with palindromes, it does have some really cool ads for your enjoyment.

Vintage Ad #1: "One Stands Out" by Bendix Washing Machines (1947)

Today's Best Ads, a look at top sports ads over the years

Vintage Ad #2: Emerson Television Ad " First American-Made Television Under $100 (1963)

Coolstub loves this television ad from 1963. The advertisement proclaims, "THE GREATEST EVENT IN TELEVISION HISTORY." For only $99.95, consumers could get a lightweight, portable television with a BIG PICTURE (see ad to determine if that would still be the case) for only $99.95!



Vintage Ad #3: The All-American Thirst Quencher (1938) by 7Up

vintage soda ads, 1938 7-Up advertisement 
1938 Vintage Soda Ad
Football fans have signals, too
in moments of tingling excitement!

Vintage Ad #4: Touch-Tune Magnavox Ad (1977)

Computer sharp color and computer fast!

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Coolstub will be posting more great retro print ads and vintage print advertisements soon! Enjoy the big football game today on Feb. 2, 2020!



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