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Coolstub™ 1952 Birth Year Gift Idea: 1952 Baseball Program Birch Wood Coasters

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Coolstub™ 1952 Vintage Baseball Program Art Drink Coasters


FUN FACTS ABOUT 1952: The Today Show debuted on NBC, the first Corvette prototype was completed, and the popular Mr. Potato Head toy was first sold in May of 1952. It was the first toy to be advertised on network television.

Coolstub™ vintage sports art drink coasters are the best birth year gifts for sports fans! This set of four luxury birch wood drink coasters have a design created from an authentic 1952 baseball program cover in our Fifties Collection.™ Unique gift for baseball fans born in 1952! Beautiful vintage baseball drink coasters that provide the perfect historic sports accent to any room.

  • Authentic vintage baseball imagery
  • Unique sports gift idea
  • Perfect 1952 birth year gift
  • Exceptional quality
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Shipped within 4 business days

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