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Coolstub™ 1981 Birth Year Gift Idea: 1981 Football Art Birch Wood Drink Coasters

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Coolstub™ 1981 Retro Football Art Drink Coasters



FUN FACT ABOUT 1981: The Chevrolet Chevette was the best selling car of the year selling 433,000 units.

Coolstub™ vintage sports art drink coasters are the best birth year gifts for sports fans! This set of four luxury birch wood drink coasters have a retro design created from authentic 1981 vintage football art in our Eighties Collection.™ Unique gift for football fans born in 1981! Beautiful vintage football drink coaster set that provides the perfect retro sports accent to any room and is great for gameday beverages!

  • Authentic vintage football image
  • Unique sports gift idea
  • Great 1981 birth year gift
  • Exceptional quality
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Shipped within 4 business days

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