About Us

Founded 11 years ago, Row One Brand is an American sports brand that features the greatest tickets and art in sports history. Row One has college football memorabilia from some of the most important games in college football history. Our collection dates back to the 1876 Harvard-Yale Game, a program from just the second game ever played in that rivalry. The oldest college football ticket stub in our collection is an 1893 Penn vs. Princeton football ticket. Row One has several tickets from the "Games of the Century" including the 1971 Oklahoma-Nebraska Game and the 1969 Shootout between Arkansas Razorbacks and the Texas Longhorns. In addition, Row One has a large selection of pro football, baseball, and basketball art and gifts.


Row One is known for outstanding customer service and high-quality products. Row One offers a wide variety of historic sports wall art, vintage sports art watches, ticket stub products, and unique vintage gift designs created from historic memorabilia from the 1800s through the 1980s. 

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